Bro’ time!— Twins newborn photo session at home in Greenwich, CT

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New clients of the Cherish Baby Portrait Program… two adorable twins were ready for their newborn photo session at home at one week old! I should have known that they would be so fabulous to photograph, as I had a wonderful maternity photo session with mom only a few short weeks ago. Even though one of the twins was MUCH sleepier than the other, we eventually settled them both down and were able to get photographs of each baby individually and a lot of great photos of them together.

This was all done using available natural light in the dining room of their home in Greenwich. Who wants to travel to a photography studio with newborns (especially in December!). I brought everything we needed for the photo session including blankets, hats, backgrounds, baskets. I set up in front of a big window, it took about a half an hour while babies were getting their last feeding before they got very sleepy…well, one did, anyway.

The photo session took a couple of hours, but we got some fabulous newborn photos!! Thanks, Emily Bernson for assisting me..