baby photography 101:

Authentic newborn photography at home for REAL families in Connecticut

“KIM! Oh my gosh — L.O.V.E. each and every one.
These are amazing. Thank you so much … they made my day.” —Maggie

The steam rising from the cappuccino was lit up by the sunshine streaming in through the bright windows of the local coffee bar. Refreshed from their solid night’s sleep and long, HOT shower, the adorable couple had some extra time to relax and reconnect before their baby’s newborn photo session at the local studio. The tiny newborn was silently snoozing, a tight cocoon curled up in the car seat perched on the chair next to them.

As they break open their blueberry muffins, baby makes a soft gurgle. “We’ll be done in a flash at the studio. Baby will be sleeping the entire time. She’s like clockwork with her feedings, and we don’t ever have any trouble bringing her to new and exciting places!”…    Said NO mom. EVER.

newborn photo session at home_ct

Authentic moments are found at home.

Time for a reality check.

Nasal suction bulbs. Nipple guards. Baby acne. Cluster feeding. These are some of the lovely new concepts that you’ll be dealing with in your life as a new parent. Not to bum you out too much, but all of this comes with hardly any sleep — I just found this charming fact online: On average, new mothers get less than four hours’ sleep a night — half as much as their own mothers did.

Is this a great time to pack up baby and hubby and clothes and diapers and head out to a place you’ve never been before for a few hours?

Sit back down and rest—I’ll come to you!

I’ve been there, I’m a mom, I understand, and that’s why all my newborn photo sessions take place in the comfort of your own home. All I need is a small area close to a window—don’t worry about the mess. I don’t judge. I know how to ever-so-gently push the pile of laundry out of the frame with my foot. All babies come with mountains of stuff… that I will deftly pile in the corner of the room while you’re getting your last feeding in before the session starts. And, hubby can keep watching the game on the big screen!

The number one comment I hear once a new mom has seen the images for the first time is “I cannot believe that you did all this in our family room!”

While you’re having your newborn photography at home, you’ll probably have time to relax (what’s that?) and take a break, maybe even get that long over due shower in. While you’re getting your act together, I’ll be busy having a blast with the most important person in your life, in the world that you’ve built, baby’s first home.

newborn photo session ct

Welcome home, little one.

Timeless and classic style

The authentic images from your session will reflect this relaxed approach to newborn photography. But, this natural lifestyle approach isn’t for everyone. If you’re looking for photos baby dressed in sparkly outfits, with props and buckets and painted backgrounds, that’s great, it’s just not what I do. (Although, I love a cute hat or a bow!)

The combination of posed and lifestyle shots from our session will give you a wide range of images to remember this special time in the life of your family. What you will want to remember is the awesomeness that is your baby—the crooked smile like grandma’s, the warm fuzzy head, the plump tiny fingers—not the outfit.

You choose how to tell your baby’s story.

All newborn collections contain a variety of printed products and digital negatives, and the session fee is included. Collection pricing starts at $525. You can choose if you’d like mainly small gift prints, or to decorate the nursery with larger prints, or keep all the images in an album. You can always add to your collection by ordering a la carte prints or gallery wraps to decorate your home, or an album.

Don’t worry—you won’t have to make a trip out for a sales appointment… unless you want to! You’ll have couple of weeks with your gallery. That should give you time to sneak away from diaper duty and choose the photos that really make your heart sing and want to keep forever. See a sample gallery here.

To be sure that you’re ordering the right size and style of printed photos, I’m always happy to come to your home and measure your walls and show you samples of sizes and frames. If you want to get out for a while, I’m always available to help make decisions over a cup of coffee, or even a cocktail. We can also sort through the huge selection of awesome birth announcements that are available through my Minted storefront.

When is the best time to plan your baby’s newborn photo session?

As soon as you know when you’re due. Babies are known to be extremely unpredictable (I have stories!…) please don’t wait until the last minute to contact me. My schedule is booked well in advance, so please plan ahead and email me to book at least 4-6 weeks before your due date. The best photos of newborn babies are taken within the first 2 weeks of birth (the first 5-10 days is best). Contacting me ahead will let me keep some flexibility in my schedule to photograph your newborn before time starts to slip away.

sample of maternity photo

proud beautiful mama

Maternity sessions

There is something so powerful about a woman who is comfortable with her body while growing a new life inside her. I love helping women capture these special memories of what it was like carrying your child and just how beautiful you looked. For mamas-to-be who are apprehensive about a maternity session, I always say that it is not just about you, but about you AND your baby together, and this is the beginning of your story as a family.

Maternity sessions typically last about an hour and can be held in your home or on location. You are totally in control of how much of your mama-body you’d like to show and what you’d like to wear. I have some great advice and suggestions for clothing and prep and a selection of elegant gowns and wraps are also available.


Want to tell your baby’s story through the entire first year? Check out the Cherish Baby Portrait Program.

Ready to schedule your session? Send me an email now! More questions? Go to my FAQs page.