Family Photography 101:

Keepin’ it real for families on location, since 2009

best family photographer ctHer 2-year-old girl held stubbornly onto her leg in rigid defiance while her 4-year-old boy sprinted ahead down the seemingly endless boardwalk weaving his way through the packs of beachgoers.

As she made her way to water’s edge and found her son looking for crab parts among the seaweed, she was stunned when he held up a sandy clamshell and blurted out “Mom, they said there used to be an ANIMAL living in here!”

With that, her daughter released her grip (now on mom’s neck) jumped down into the sand, and started picking through the high tide line for treasures with her new grown up friends—one with a camera. By the time dad arrived, panting from his sprint with the toys and the towels and the extra clothes, the family photography session was off to a great start.


“Thank you (and your husband) for making the session so easy and fun, we all had a great time! …you have really been a pleasure to work with. I’ll highly recommend you to anyone looking for a family photographer!”  —Jennie

Relax—we’ll do the heavy lifting!

I bring an assistant to help

Yes, we think your kids are awesome. Kids’ playtime = Parents’ happytime.

A lot of parents are nervous about scheduling a family photography session because they think their kids won’t “behave”, especially in front of strangers. I turn that around and try to get them to “behave” like real-life hands-in-the-muck kids; not like the hands-in-lap, cheesy smile kids you see in big studio photos.

I’m not scared of drippy noses or flustered by a tumbling toddler. (I’ll also win over any petulant husband who would rather be watching the game…). No worries, my assistant and I can handle all the family drama and kid-wrangling—you’re off the hook! Take a look at some of the WACKY families we’ve won over here.


Have gear, will travel.

Are your kids home-bodies who love poking around for worms in the backyard, or intrepid travelers who tackle the unknown with gusto? However your family rolls, I’m a 24/7, somewhat obsessive (in a good way), professional family photographer, and I can adapt.

My goal is to make photos that touch your heart in an authentic and personal way, so I’ll pack up my wagon and go wherever you think is going to work best. Need some ideas for what might be relaxing or engaging for your family? I have plenty of suggestions of some gorgeous places around Fairfield County that I LOVE and know will make a fabulous backdrop to showcase your special people.


help with what to wear

Denim? Heels? Solid advice on what to wear comes with each session.

Have it your way. Buy a package or build your own.

When the after-glow from your session has faded (in about a week) I’ll email you a link to a password-protected gallery filled with the best images from your session. Take a peek a sample gallery here.  You’ll have couple of weeks after that to sneak away from the soccer sidelines or, even better, have the hubby make dinner, so that you can choose the photos that really make your heart sing and want to keep forever.

Don’t worry—you won’t have to make another trip out to a sales appointment… unless you want to! (I’ve realized that a nice cup of coffee, or a even a cocktail, make decision-making much easier…and, it’s on me.)

If you’ve chosen a digital collection, your images will be delivered to you by download, and also on a USB drive with 4×6 reference prints in 7-10 days. If you’ve chosen a print collection and are ordering an album or a la carte prints or gallery wraps to decorate your home, you can fulfill your order online OR in person (see offer above). To be 100% sure that you’re ordering the right size and style of printed photos, I’m always happy to come to your home and measure your walls and show you samples of sizes and frames. And PLEASE, don’t clean up. I’m a mom, I don’t judge.


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