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“My goal is for you to have an awesome photography experience, to fill your home with photographs that make you smile every day, and to leave behind heirlooms that tell your family’s story.”

It happens way too often. The message usually begins calm enough, and soon I begin to hear the rising panic in the voice of my client. “…my computer crashed, I thought I had the photos backed up, I meant to make an album, and I know I have the USB disk around here SOMEWHERE, but I can’t find it, and please please please do you still have the images from our session?”

I get it. Digital negatives are the hot commodity in the professional photography market today. It’s easy and FUN to share them, duplicate them, post them and, eventually, print them.

It’s the last part that’s the stickler, the printing.

Everyone has the BEST intentions to get the prints made and hung in the hall or family room or to get the album put together in time for the holidays. And then the power surge or the virus… the computer crashes, and bye bye photos.

Every digital negative purchased from a full session comes with professionally printed photos and a zip drive with the photos to avoid this disaster. The prints will also give you an idea of what the photo should look like when printed by retail or online sites. If you carefully compare, you’ll see that the quality of professionally printed photos is much better—richer colors, longer lasting finishes, and heavier paper.

These printed products will be around forever. They’ll never be deleted or become corrupt.

Create a warm and loving home while telling your family’s story forever with gorgeous legacy albums, mini albums, canvas gallery wraps, and long-lasting large prints. Leave the design and the details to me, and you’ll have professionally printed photos that will make your heart sing every time you see them.

Let’s chat about how you’d like to tell your family’s story. Give me a call at 203-426-4493, or send me an email today!