Outtakes 17

Don’t worry!
your family isn’t the only one that’s:

pick one:   crazy – silly – hyper – moody – hungry – tired – GOOFY –
and oh-not-so-“perfect” in a variety of ways, and yours
won’t be the first that I’ve had the pleasure to photograph over the years!

To put your mind at ease, take a look at these outtakes of sessions I’ve done with families in Connecticut just like yours. After all of this, we got FABULOUS photos from these sessions. If you have a crazy family (like mine), or a really big extended family, you need an experienced family photographer (and one with a sense of humor!) to handle them.

I have no expectations, I don’t judge. I’m a mom, I understand. ♥

Your family is free to be as goofy as they want during our photo session. We’ll let it ride, we’ll work it out, we’ll go with the flow. We’ll do whatever it takes to get the fabulous photos that you will look back on and smile.