About Kim

picture taker | adventure seeker | friend of dogs and children

"we were together… I forget the rest"

— Walt Whitman

OK, I'll come right out with it: I'm a control freak. I like things done a certain way, up to high standards, and I'm not very good at compromising. Just ask my husband.

The good news is that my late nights hunched over editing at the computer, my endless days at seminars learning the latest techniques, my insistence on the highest quality processes and products — all that control — will pay off for you in photos and products that will make you smile everyday.

But don't get me wrong, it isn't all endless striving for perfection. I'm a mom of two crazy kids (now young women), and I know reality of what goes on in the family trenches.

The ability to roll with whatever my clients bring to the photo session is by far the most important skill I possess. OK, I need to know how to work a camera, too.

I know that great photos are created in the little moments families share in between the poses. And, if all else fails, I know the value of a good fart joke.

That being said, here's some info you probably don't need to know about me but might find interesting:

  • My last name is pronounced "jay-kul". I know, it's a tough one...
  • And, I'm TERRIBLE with names. I WILL forget your name—don't be insulted!
  • For many years, I was an art director for a major children's publisher (think big red dog). That's where I fell in love with photographing children, and decided to devote myself to it full time.
  • I'm CT born and bred; I graduated from Darien High and Connecticut College in New London (BA, Studio Art), and have lived in Fairfield County for almost my entire life.
  • My husband (a.k.a. my favorite assistant) is a 5th grade teacher. He can pull a quarter out of any kid's ear!
  • I LOVE dive restaurants, traveling the country and world, really spicy food and, especially, the salty-sweet smell of babies' fuzzy heads.