Relaxed Preschool Photos—Fairfield County, CT

This is not your old-fashioned assembly line school photo. I do unique and fun portraits that are natural images of children being who they are.

Kim Jaeckel Family Photography from Newtown (I’ll also bring my trusty nose-wiping, hair-combing assistant!). I’ve been around for a while, and have worked with a LOT of children just like yours in the Fairfield County area.

Outside the classroom in a shaded area. I don’t bring any big equipment, I prefer using beautiful natural light.

The timing is flexible based on your needs. School portraits are typically done in the Fall, although many schools do an additional round of less formal photos in the Spring. (That would be a great time to introduce my unique style of school photos if you’re worried how less traditional work will be received by parents.) However, I’m also available in the summer, just let me know!

It’s fun! I work one-on-one with each child, talking to them and making them feel comfortable until they relax and give me a real expression. There’s no uncomfortable posing and nothing is rushed. Before we do the photos, I’d be happy to spend time in the classroom, just hanging out and letting the kids get used to me and look at my equipment. I can work with just a few children at a time so the daily schedule is not interrupted and kids don’t have to spend time waiting in long, boring lines before they’re photographed. We’ll also can do a group photo of the class with the teachers.
It’s a more personal experience for the parents, also. I do bring an assistant with me but I am the only photographer and I’m also the one that fields phone calls and emails and does the behind-the-scenes work so I know all about every child, every order, every inquiry.

About a week after the portrait session, the edited photos will be posted in a password-protected gallery on my website. Parents can choose the image(s) they like and place an order by using my online storefront, email, or phone—no obligation to buy, no upfront costs. Photos will be available to be purchased in multi-size packages or single prints starting at $25. I also offer some goodies like iPhone skins and magnets.

Want more info? Contact me via phone 203-426-4493 or email.