No-hassle preschool photography.

Preschool photography that’s easy on your staff and your parents will L.O.V.E!

Preschool photography in ct

Sure, I also do Family Photo Day Fundraisers for elementary schools. More info here.

Over the years, I’ve developed proven techniques and a solid system for preschool photography that produces amazing school photos for preschools and kindergartens in Connecticut and nearby. This isn’t your old-fashioned assembly line school photo. From my experience as a family portrait photographer, I know that younger children require extra time, patience and a touch of wackiness.

I do unique and authentic portraits that are natural images of children being who they are. This is a modern approach to preschool photography that parents adore. Photo day(s) can easily be adapted to fit into your school’s fundraising plans, usually a donation of the profits to your school. Complimentary staff head shots are available also.

ct school photographer

Great preschool photos come from having fun.

Don’t worry, you can trust me.

I’m a long-time local (Newtown, CT) resident and mom of two. I’ve been a professional family and child photographer for many years, and have worked with a LOT of children and families in the area. I’ve already passed every type of background check and screening known. For the added safety of the kids and help for the staff, I’ll also bring my trusty nose-wiping, hair-combing assistant who is also thoroughly vetted.

OK, but where can we do this?

At your school, either outside in a shaded area, or inside using my professional lighting equipment and a fun background of your choosing. I love doing preschool photography outside using natural light, but can easily set up in any area (usually about 12′ x12′) that is out of the way inside also.

Fall or spring photos, it’s up to you.

The timing is flexible based on your school schedule and other needs. School portraits are typically done in the fall, and parents really appreciate having the photos available to send out for the holidays. Many schools do an additional round of less formal photos in the spring, and preschool photography at graduation time is always popular.

Family photos at preschool

Families love getting family photos done at school—especially for the holidays.

Sure, we can photograph the entire family also!

Hard-working parents love the idea of holding Family Photo Sessions along with the school photo days. It’s super-convenient for parents to get their holiday photos or to just update the family photos right at school. These Family Sessions are offered at no cost to the parents. They are typically scheduled at pick up time, or on a weekend day at the school.

How does the system work? We don’t have extra time and staff available.

Advance planning and organization is the key to fast and efficient preschool photography. On photo day, I am set up and ready to go—early. My assistant and I work with just a few children at a time so the daily schedule is not interrupted too much, and kids don’t get bored, and teachers don’t get annoyed. We get in and out with the least interruption possible.

About a week after photo day, the edited photos are posted in a password-protected gallery on my website. Parents choose the image(s) they like and place orders by using my online storefront. Printed photos and digital negatives are available to be purchased in multi-size packages or a la carte starting at $8.

There’s no obligation to buy, and no up-front costs. Orders will be sent directly to homes, the school doesn’t have to spend time sorting and tracking down orders. I’ll field all the phone calls, emails, special requests from the parents! I do all the behind-the-scenes work so I know all about every child, every order, every inquiry.

Contact me today to discuss your school’s needs. We’ll work together to come up with a plan that will make your school’s photo day easy to manage and profitable.