Photos of blizzard baby boy

This baby boy and his family were such a pleasure to work with. At only 14 days old, he was relaxed but woke up a little to smile for the camera and ham it up with big brother and mom and dad. We were able to get some family portraits in, along with pics of mom and dad holding baby, and of course, photos of big brother showing some love. This is just a sneak peek! The full hand-edited gallery of about 50 photos will be available in a few days. It will be very difficult to pick the best photos because this family is so photogenic and the baby was so cooperative. Although I was worried about the light on such a gray day in February, it turned out to be perfect. No harsh shadows or overexposures due to too much sun! This family has a ton of lovely B&W photos lining the halls of their home. I’ll be proud to have my work with baby C filling out the home gallery!