One-year-old cake smash photo session in the studio in Newtown

It was supposed to be a cake smash photo session, but not much cake got smashed!
photos of cake smash session

She’s adorable even if she doesn’t like cake!

We had the cake, we had the outfit, we had the smiles, but no one thought that the baby would not like the cake… But, that’s okay, because we still had a fun photo session, without much cake smashing. This one year old is into everything (except cake), so we got some great pictures of her and her family including adorable big sis, and mom and dad. The balloons were a big hit, along with the rocking chair, so we got to see her awesome toothy smile a lot. Moral of the story: you can bring a cake to a cake smash, but you can’t make a one-year-old interested in it!