Tips for displaying photographs in your home and nursery

So, you have beautiful portraits of your family, and you want to show them on your walls, but what size photos will look best, and where should you put them? As an experienced professional photographer, I don’t just take great photos, I have tons of tips for displaying photographs in your home! You don’t want all your photos stuck on your computer, or even worse, on a CD in a drawer somewhere. Get them out in the open will everyone can enjoy them and you’ll create a lasting and meaningful photographic legacy for your family.

I know that deciding on what size photo—print or canvas—for your home is hard work and I try to make it EASY for my clients, so I’ve created a new tool for my clients to use in their decision-making. Below are a few of my Wall Art Sample Galleries—for your home, and for your nursery. Each gallery can be found in the client area of my website and  contain about 25 samples of framed photos and photo canvases shown in a typical interior. Each sample has the size of the photo shown and the size of the furniture, so you can compare it to what you have in your own home.

These samples are meant to educate and guide my clients, not overwhelm them. I am always available for a pre- or post-session consultation in your home so I can share all of my other tips for displaying photographs in your home!

photos in the wall in the family room

You can see the difference in photo sizes displayed above a typical couch.

photos canvases for your walls

Canvases should be sized a little larger than prints with frames to take up the same amount of wall space.

Tips for photos in baby's nursery.

It’s great to have groupings of smaller photos for the nursery.


contemporary baby photos

Groupings of canvases are a contemporary way of telling baby’s story

Ideas and inspiration to display your photos in your nursery