Introducing — Family Digital Collection

As a professional photographer, my ultimate goal is to come away from a portrait session with beautiful images which stand the test of time and will be proudly displayed in your home. Usually this translates to albums and large wall prints that can be admired for years and shared with friends and family.

Selling digital files to clients means the quality control I usually provide will not be a part of the process any longer. However, I realize that families these days are interested in printing and sharing the images that I create in ever-evolving ways. To accommodate the needs of my tech-savvy clients, I have recently created my Family Digital Collection.


The Family Digital Collection includes:

A CD with:

  • Two versions of each high-resolution digital image from your session, one in color and one in black & white, suitable for printing anywhere, at any size
  • One copy of each color image reduced and optimized for sharing online

PLUS: One set of 5×7 prints of each color image

Please call or email for pricing. A digital collection is also available with a Cherish Baby Portrait Plan.

The CD and the prints are attractively packaged together in a custom printed image box. Each digital collection comes complete with written authorization to print as many copies as you wish from your print lab of choice.* I also have suggestions for competent retail labs where you can get excellent prints at affordable prices.

Please note: Prints from retail labs will not be the same high quality as the prints ordered from my studio. As a professional, I have access to the finest professional-only processing labs in the country. When you order your prints directly from me, they are guaranteed to be printed on archival grade professional paper and finished with a luster coating to protect your investment from fingerprints and UV lighting. Any image 8×10 and larger comes mounted for protection and stability. I only fully guarantee the quality and durability of the finished product when ordered directly from me.

*Commercial use rights are not included.