First Birthday Fun Photos—Newtown, CT

Pretty (little) Lady!

Another graduate of the Cherish Baby Portrait Program! I have known this baby since she was conceived (almost) and photographed her when she was a tiny newborn, a precocious 6 month old, and now, a budding beauty at all of one year old. I have always said that the best part of being a baby photographer is getting to know the families I photograph. And this family from Sandy Hook will always have a special place in my heart. Even though being a photographer is a lot of hard work, it is rewarding to see the babies that I photograph growing up to be such great little kids. Not to mention watching the parents develop their own parenting styles and get lots more confidence as the first year comes to a close. I can’t wait to put together her “Look How I’ve Grown” portrait montage with one photo from each of her 3 sessions in the Cherish Program. I’ll miss you guys!