First Birthday Cake Smash Photos—Newtown, CT

Wow, did we have fun in the studio in Newtown, CT celebrating the first birthday of this beautiful one-year-old with her family! Since I had been working with this family since the baby was first born, it was a bittersweet experience, because I will miss them. This was her graduation from the Cherish Portrait Program, so after a year, we’re all done, with just the memories (and the photos!) of our time together. It’s amazing to see my clients grow and change so quickly. And more amazing to see the parents grown into their parenting roles!

Before the cake smash, we did some casual portraits with the baby sitting, standing holding onto mom and dad’s hands. She’s not walking yet, but does a really fast scoot. She will be walking and running soon.

For the cake smash, Mom got a fabulous purple birthday cake in Woodbridge, CT that coordinated with her outfits. It was delicious, also, since there was enough for everyone even after the cake bash. Yum. Baby girl did not take very whole-heartedly to bashing the cake, she kept looking at mom and dad to make sure it was OK! But with some encouragement, she got into the swing of things and decided that getting messy could be fun. (It’s funny how the boys always jump right into the cake, but the girls hold back…)

So, now onto making the albums and prints; and I just did a fabulous 5 photo collage from this session (see below). And I’ll wait for the news about the next baby—get busy guys!