Editorial photo session: Soldier and dog—what?

editorial photo assignment

soldier and dog in the studio in Newtown CT

editorial photographer connecticut

Attention: Soldier in the house! Excitement in the studio!

What a thrill to be selected for an editorial photo assignment to photograph one of our brave National Guard soldiers for GX magazine, the official publication of the National Guard. This soldier is also a military dog handler at the base right here in Newtown for his day job, and also a REALLY nice guy. The soldier has been deployed twice (with different dogs) and is now working on the explosives detection team. The story for the magazine is about National Guard officers that have exciting civilian professions…well, for sure!

The soldier and his dog, Santo, came to my studio and performed like Heidi Klum in front of my camera. I was a little nervous about having a 75 lb. German Shepard in my house (not to mention a fully equipped soldier), but those fears were put to rest as soon as I saw how much control and precision this dog has mastered. He didn’t even mind the flashing strobes, but it was hard to get him to smile!

I will post a link to the issue when it arrives. Thanks for a fun experience.