Looking for an experienced Connecticut family photographer?

connecticut family photographerI know, it’s hard!

There are dozens of family photographers out there with some amazing images of children and families on their websites. (Mine included, hopefully.)

But, when you’re choosing a Connecticut family photographer to work with you to capture the exact amazing-ness that is YOUR family, you have to look beyond the pretty portfolio photos and see what you’re really getting for your money.

You want someone who will guide and teach you, work hard to get you what you want, and, if all goes well, make you laugh.

Just say NO to “Shoot and Burn”.

Quality over quantity is the key. Your family deserves a photographer that spends time crafting each image individually. Some photographers will say hi, take a bunch of photographs, send you a zip drive full of snapshots, and you’re done. I spend time getting to know who you are (and who you’re kids are!), what your style is, and how you want to remember this time in the life of your family.

If digital images are what you want, fine—you’ll get only the images that you really want, by viewing a private online gallery—you won’t have hundreds of photos on a drive to sort through.

Braces? Face scratches? All gone. I’ll work on each and every image to make sure you all look your absolute best.

I’ll do the heavy lifting (or, my assistant will…)

One person is NOT enough. No stressing — your family’s photography session should be a relaxed time where you can hang out and enjoy family time. Hey, it’s a good thing that your kids are zany, and like to run around. Bring it on! We embrace the chaos. For most family photo sessions I come equipped with an assistant (in most cases, my beloved teacher/husband) to haul my stuff around, chase after your kiddos, and wipe their noses. Your Connecticut family photographer should make it easy for you, and I’ll do that.

Think beyond digital. Create a legacy.Experienced Connecticut Family Photographer

Digital negatives are EASY. I get that. But, they are also easily lost, deleted and worst of all, FORGOTTEN. How often do you look through your computer at all the snapshots you’ve taken over the years? Never? You need a Connecticut family photographer who offers incredible large prints, gallery wraps and hand-made custom albums that you and everyone in your family will look at all the time.

Tell your family’s story and leave a legacy of the love you’ve created. Choose from myriad of awesome printed products that will make you smile each time you see them in your home.

Your Must-Have Guide to Awesome Family Photography

I have a TON of info on my website to educate and guide you, but here are several posts that will tell you everything you need to know (and some things you don’t) about how to choose a Connecticut family photographer. To get even MORE info on pricing and digital and print collections, get my Family Photography Guide.


family photographer beach ct

10th Anniversary Beach Photo Session

Read about why this family was looking for a Connecticut family photographer to help celebrate their first decade together. They wanted to remember how much they’ve changed and grown in the past ten years. A family photo session at the beach in Milford CT was the perfect way to spend their anniversary.



natural family photographer in ct

A Natural Setting for this Family’s Photo Session

Little chicks about to fly off and leave the nest? Find out how this mom was able to keep them with her forever by arranging a family photo session in the few days when everyone was at home. She needed a family photographer in Newtown, CT that could find a natural location for her low-key brood.



child-photographer-in-ctAll smiles in New Canaan!

Talk about beautiful children! This family needed a child photographer to do a session in mom’s hometown of New Canaan, CT. Waveny House was the perfect backdrop for photos of these beauties. That property has so many different areas, it’s a gift to every family photographer in CT! One of my most favorite locations.



family photographer fairfield county ctCasual family photos for an on-the-go group

Have an active crew on your hands? You need a family photographer that doesn’t get flustered by kids being KIDS. I don’t expect them to sit nicely with their hands in their lap. My assistant and I will run, jump, roll, do tricks, make noises— whatever it takes! We’ll meet them on their level to get genuine, natural images that you want to remember forever.



family photography at home

The gift of memories | Christmas gift photo session

Read about why a family photo session was the perfect gift for this young family. Hint: Dad’s in the military…

A very thoughtful grandma was looking for a Connecticut family photographer to work with this family right after the holidays. Dad had to pack his bags for a while to serve our country and leave his little buddy and wife at home.


extended family photographer in ct

An “extended” extended family photo session | Darien CT

With family flying in from all over the country to welcome the new baby girl, this family needed a family photographer that could handle both a big crowd AND very unpredictable April weather. It took a couple of tries to get the family portraits they wanted and some fun memories of their new family getting to know each other.



family photograph at homeSnow and babies do not mix — Let’s do family photos at home!

A two-year-old, recently healthy newborn twins, and terrible winter weather… Not a good combination for this family that needed a family photographer whom they trusted to come to their home in Stamford CT to do a photo session. Since the babies were still being protected from all the winter bugs around, it worked out nicely for the photographer to travel to them and have a relaxed home photo session.



home photo sessions in ctDouble Trouble | Home photo session for the boys in Trumbull

The stockings were taken down, the tree was dismantled, but this family STILL wanted some holiday photos of their two lively boys. Right after the holidays proved to be a great time for a photo session for this family. They got to show off their new tent, and we all got to play for an hour. Next time we’ll get mom and dad in the photos…



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