Sneak peek | Baby photo session at home in Westport, CT

baby photography 6 months

Bringing on the cuteness at 6 months!

It was such a treat to do a photo session with sweet baby E at the home of her grandparents in Westport, CT. Baby photography to me is capturing every day real moments. Real expressions, raw emotion, true connections, it’s posed and natural all at the same time. It is controlled, but with a bit of chaos—just like your life! These are moments that make up your story.

I was so lucky to capture some special moments for this family. My goal is to capture your family together being themselves. To capture those real moments that happen in the blink of an eye but are what make up the personality of your family. Of course there will be moments where we will scoop everyone back together into a great big family pile and take a few photos that will make Grandma happy but my goal is to capture those moments that happen naturally. I want my camera to capture what you see when you look at your kids.

Sessions are usually done in the familiarity of your home where you will have everything you need at arms reach. I will be bringing everything I need for the session. You don’t have to clean up or move your furniture around, I do all the heavy lifting. This is your time to make a true connection with your baby and leave all of the work to me.